Add Castle Chess
[vchess.git] / TODO
2020-06-11 Benjamin AuderFix Pawnmassacre
2020-06-09 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-06-03 Benjamin AuderMerge branch 'simu'
2020-06-01 Benjamin AuderFix corr notification bug
2020-05-30 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-05-28 Benjamin AuderFix pawn promotions in Eightpieces
2020-05-28 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-05-21 Benjamin AuderImprove last move highlighting colors
2020-05-20 Benjamin AuderA few fixes (for updateCastleFlags()) + add Madhouse...
2020-05-19 Benjamin AuderFix parseInt() usage, rename Doubleorda --> Ordamirror...
2020-05-18 Benjamin AuderAdd Forward + Doubleorda variants
2020-05-17 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-05-03 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-05-01 Benjamin AuderDraft or user bio support (ready in Hall, TODO in Game)
2020-04-29 Benjamin AuderShow first move indication in Hamilton
2020-04-29 Benjamin AuderFix Chakart (promotions + queen visibility)
2020-04-24 Benjamin AuderSimplify Game logic a bit + some advances on Chakart
2020-04-23 Benjamin AuderReplace news by FAQ
2020-04-22 Benjamin AuderSome thoughts on Chakart + fix Hiddenqueen moves notati...
2020-04-22 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO + Colorbound pieces
2020-04-22 Benjamin AuderFix Gridolina isAttacked()
2020-04-22 Benjamin AuderAdd orange board theme
2020-04-22 Benjamin Auderbetter diagrams in rules pages + some improvements...
2020-04-21 Benjamin AuderAdjustments + add en-passant to Zen rules
2020-04-20 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-04-20 Benjamin AuderSome fixes, draw lines on board, add 7 variants
2020-04-18 Benjamin AuderAdd Koth (experimental)
2020-04-17 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-04-17 Benjamin AuderAdd Hamilton Chess
2020-04-15 Benjamin AuderRandomize Shogi, update TODO
2020-04-15 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO + some license information
2020-04-15 Benjamin AuderAdd Makruk, Shako and Shogi + a few fixes
2020-04-13 Benjamin AuderAdd Monochrome Chess
2020-04-08 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-04-08 Benjamin AuderAdd Sittuyin + Doublemove2. A few fixes. TODO: fix...
2020-04-06 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-04-06 Benjamin AuderExperimental in-page analyze + show rules from Game...
2020-04-05 Benjamin AuderAdd Checkered1 + fix last move highlights
2020-04-04 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-04-04 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-04-03 Benjamin Audernew TODO
2020-04-03 Benjamin AuderBetter 'register' translation
2020-04-03 Benjamin AuderFix and describe Dynamo, should now be playable (beta)
2020-04-02 Benjamin AuderA few fixes + advance on Dynamo variant
2020-04-01 Benjamin AuderA few fixes + draft Interweave and Takenmake. Only...
2020-03-29 Benjamin AuderA few small fixes + add Monster variant
2020-03-26 Benjamin AuderAdd basic Desktop notifications for game start + new...
2020-03-26 Benjamin AuderAdd Orda variant. Some advances in Dynamo draft. Displa...
2020-03-25 Benjamin AuderSome fixes, and add 2 variants: Checkless and Parachute
2020-03-24 Benjamin AuderAdd Doublearmy, commoner replaces middle king, no rules...
2020-03-24 Benjamin AuderBetter Ball rules. Buggish but almost OK Synchrone...
2020-03-22 Benjamin AuderAttempt for better connection indicators
2020-03-22 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-03-22 Benjamin AuderFirst draft of S-chess variant + a few fixes
2020-03-21 Benjamin AuderRevert to news button in red, no blinking. Add autoplay...
2020-03-19 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-03-18 Benjamin AuderAdd Rugby variant
2020-03-17 Benjamin AuderAdd Antiking v1
2020-03-17 Benjamin AuderAdd Knightrelay1. Some fixes. Move odd 'isAttackedBy_mu...
2020-03-15 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-03-15 Benjamin AuderExperimental news notification system + fix Eightpieces...
2020-03-14 Benjamin AuderHopefully Eightpieces is less buggish now
2020-03-12 Benjamin AuderSome fixes, work on Eightpieces draft, add a few captur...
2020-03-11 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO + server update page
2020-03-10 Benjamin AuderSome fixes and enhancements as suggested on Discord
2020-03-09 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO, improve style for Crazyhouse variant,...
2020-03-08 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-03-07 Benjamin AuderExperimental update: preview corr move + allow deletion...
2020-03-07 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-03-06 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-03-06 Benjamin AuderFix README, TODO and a mistake in MyGames
2020-03-06 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-03-06 Benjamin AuderImprove style, implement 'next' for corr games. TODO...
2020-03-05 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODOs
2020-03-04 Benjamin AuderImprove smartphone menu open/close buttons
2020-03-04 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-03-04 Benjamin AuderAttempt to robustify identity detection at loading...
2020-03-04 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODOs
2020-03-04 Benjamin AuderExperimental symmetric randomness + deterministic option
2020-03-04 Benjamin AuderAdd a new variant in TODO
2020-03-04 Benjamin AuderAllow hyphen in username on server side + add icons...
2020-03-04 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-03-04 Benjamin AuderAdd Allmate v1 and v2 (old buggish but funny rules)
2020-03-02 Benjamin AuderAdd pychess-variants link + new variant TODO
2020-03-01 Benjamin AuderDraft Hiddenqueen, Grasshopper and Knightmate chess...
2020-02-29 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-02-29 Benjamin AuderFixes. TODO: autofocus on forms, and understand why...
2020-02-06 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderConvert all remaining tabs by 2spaces
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderPartial fix for marseilleChess (moveList is bad)
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderSome improvements on time controls + vid
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderNew short-term TODOs
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderMigrate TODO tasks to Github/issues
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderUpdate LICENSE + TODO
2020-02-03 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-01-31 Benjamin AuderTODO: board+moves in same div fixed width centered...
2020-01-30 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-01-23 Benjamin AuderFinish corr implementation for draw offers (untested)
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderAdd some TODOs
2019-01-15 Benjamin AuderComputer mode in rules section almost OK