descriptionWebsite to play original chess variants
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Website to play to many chess variants, including rare ones - some almost never seen elsewhere, like “l'Échiqueté” [french], renamed “checkered chess” in English. No ratings, no tournaments: no “competition spirit”.

Get involved

All contributions are welcome! For example, - translations, - design, - Vue front-end, - Express back-end.

If you wanna help, you can contact me with the form on the website, so that we can discuss what to do and how :) If you feel comfortable with the code a pull request is a good start too.

Running the website locally

Follow the instructions in server/ first, and then in client/

2020-09-13 Benjamin AuderAdd some variants in TODO master
2020-09-08 Benjamin AuderFix CastleChess
2020-09-08 Benjamin AuderAdd Castle Chess
2020-09-01 Benjamin AuderA few bugs fixes
2020-07-25 Benjamin AuderFix bug in Allmate2
2020-07-23 Benjamin AuderAdd debug trace for Hiddenqueen
2020-07-23 Benjamin AuderFix Omega promotions
2020-07-23 Benjamin AuderFix hidden queen captured en-passant when not starting...
2020-07-22 Benjamin AuderFix Vchess variant
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderUpdate variants page
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderAdd Vchess variant (draft)
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderAdd first draft of 'Victor Chess'
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderFix Progressive2. Fixing attempt on Doublemove1
2020-07-15 Benjamin AuderAdd variants-related link
2020-07-15 Benjamin AuderFlip knights for variants with knightriders (waiting...
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