descriptionWebsite to play original chess variants
last changeMon, 25 Jan 2021 22:51:05 +0000 (23:51 +0100)


Website to play to many chess variants, including rare ones - some almost never seen elsewhere, like “l'Échiqueté” [french], renamed “checkered chess” in English. No ratings, no tournaments: no “competition spirit”.

Get involved

All contributions are welcome! For example, - translations, - design, - Vue front-end, - Express back-end.

If you wanna help, you can contact me with the form on the website, so that we can discuss what to do and how :) If you feel comfortable with the code a pull request is a good start too.

Running the website locally

Follow the instructions in server/ first, and then in client/

12 hours ago Benjamin AuderTypo master
12 hours ago Benjamin AuderBetter behavior in Dynamo. Some image attributions...
14 hours ago Benjamin AuderFix corr game rematch
16 hours ago Benjamin AuderFix Spartan rules + better moves notation
35 hours ago Benjamin AuderFix Makruk/Makpong
38 hours ago Benjamin AuderFix spacing
38 hours ago Benjamin AuderClarify a point in Emergo rules
38 hours ago Benjamin AuderRearrange order in Bario rules
38 hours ago Benjamin AuderBetter link location
38 hours ago Benjamin AuderImprove Bario rules' description
44 hours ago Benjamin AuderFix shadow piece bug: reserve count is now updated...
44 hours ago Benjamin AuderForgot arg of atLeastOneCapture()
44 hours ago Benjamin AuderFix Emergo: no simple moves in entering stage
2 days ago Benjamin AuderImprove Bario rules description about castling
3 days ago Benjamin AuderFix Screen variant: allow any setup even if king captured
3 days ago Benjamin AuderFix issue with animation of some hidden moves (Screen)
12 hours ago master