descriptionWebsite to play original chess variants
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Website to play to many chess variants, including rare ones - some almost never seen elsewhere, like “l'Échiqueté” [french], renamed “checkered chess” in english.

Notes: - Games start with a random assymetric position! - No ratings, no tournaments: no “competition spirit”

Get involved

All contributions are welcome! For example, - translations, - design, - Vue front-end, - Express back-end.

If you wanna help, you can contact me with the form on the website, so that we can discuss what to do and how :) If you feel comfortable with the code a pull request is a good start too.

2019-07-19 Benjamin Auder'update' master
2019-07-18 Benjamin AuderSteps toward observers in a live game
2019-07-18 Benjamin AuderRefactor challenges logic (start game when accepting...
2019-07-16 Benjamin AuderSmall improvement in Hall
2019-07-08 Benjamin Auder'update'
2019-07-08 Benjamin AuderFix a non-deleted challenge bug
2019-07-04 Benjamin AuderModifs to send current live game
2019-07-03 Benjamin AuderFix challenge persistence issue
2019-07-02 Benjamin AuderSome fixes. TODO: challenge is lost if navigation to...
2019-07-01 Benjamin Auder'update'
2019-06-28 Benjamin AuderCosmetics
2019-06-28 Benjamin AuderRefactor, forget about 3 or 4 players games
2019-06-27 Benjamin AuderImplement abort logic - add some TODOs (no 3 or 4 playe...
2019-06-25 Benjamin AuderFix clocks update
2019-06-25 Benjamin AuderAlmost fixed clocks update (incoherent FEN state)
2019-06-20 Benjamin AuderUpdate on game.clocks. Unfinished
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