descriptionWebsite to play original chess variants
last changeThu, 28 May 2020 21:13:50 +0000 (23:13 +0200)


Website to play to many chess variants, including rare ones - some almost never seen elsewhere, like “l'Échiqueté” [french], renamed “checkered chess” in English. No ratings, no tournaments: no “competition spirit”.

Get involved

All contributions are welcome! For example, - translations, - design, - Vue front-end, - Express back-end.

If you wanna help, you can contact me with the form on the website, so that we can discuss what to do and how :) If you feel comfortable with the code a pull request is a good start too.

Running the website locally

Follow the instructions in server/ first, and then in client/

43 hours ago Benjamin AuderFix pawn promotions in Eightpieces master
44 hours ago Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
47 hours ago Benjamin AuderEightpieces: prevent lancer to orient toward outside...
2 days ago Benjamin AuderAlways show challenge button in Hall, colored if focused
2 days ago Benjamin AuderBetter title for simplified variants
2 days ago Benjamin AuderFix Eightpieces, add some simple variants, add a basic...
3 days ago Benjamin AuderExperimental in-place reorientation for Eightpieces...
4 days ago Benjamin AuderFix Koopa promotions with captures, and Balakhlava...
6 days ago Benjamin AuderFix Koopa chess + select only required fields in userMo...
7 days ago Benjamin AuderFix Koopa variant: always allow castlin with a non...
7 days ago Benjamin AuderRemove unused variable. TODO: userModel.getOne() with...
8 days ago Benjamin AuderRemove unused parameters in setAndSendLoginToken()
8 days ago Benjamin AuderKoopa chess: better fix
8 days ago Benjamin AuderExperimental support for challenges from URL + ask...
9 days ago Benjamin AuderFix Pocketknight computer play
9 days ago Benjamin AuderFix Koopa promotions after stunning pieces
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