52 min ago Benjamin AuderDraft Fullcavalry and Atomic2 (pawn removal). Fix Grand master
3 days ago Benjamin Auder[cosmetics] Remove scrollbar on main menu
3 days ago Benjamin AuderAdd Evolution + Titan variants
3 days ago Benjamin AuderAlmost added TitanChess + EvolutionChess
9 days ago Benjamin AuderFix typo
13 days ago Benjamin AuderFactor some lines (raw loading pug files)
2020-11-17 Benjamin AuderEarly draft of TitanChess
2020-11-16 Benjamin AuderAdd 2 downgrades (duplicated) to avoid dev warnings
2020-11-16 Benjamin AuderUpdate npm packages
2020-11-16 Benjamin AuderAdd symlink favicon.ico to client/dist (from client...
2020-11-03 Benjamin AuderFix typos, clean TODO file
2020-11-03 Benjamin AuderRollback: will not implement a simultaneous games mode
2020-09-13 Benjamin AuderAdd some variants in TODO
2020-09-08 Benjamin AuderFix CastleChess
2020-09-08 Benjamin AuderAdd Castle Chess
2020-09-01 Benjamin AuderA few bugs fixes
2020-07-25 Benjamin AuderFix bug in Allmate2
2020-07-23 Benjamin AuderAdd debug trace for Hiddenqueen
2020-07-23 Benjamin AuderFix Omega promotions
2020-07-23 Benjamin AuderFix hidden queen captured en-passant when not starting...
2020-07-22 Benjamin AuderFix Vchess variant
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderUpdate variants page
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderAdd Vchess variant (draft)
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderAdd first draft of 'Victor Chess'
2020-07-20 Benjamin AuderFix Progressive2. Fixing attempt on Doublemove1
2020-07-15 Benjamin AuderAdd variants-related link
2020-07-15 Benjamin AuderFlip knights for variants with knightriders (waiting...
2020-07-15 Benjamin AuderAdd Progressive2 + fix knightrider translations
2020-06-27 Benjamin AuderFix Monochrome update
2020-06-27 Benjamin AuderMonochrome: fixing attempt
2020-06-19 Benjamin AuderFix randomness when >= 2 rematch games
2020-06-17 Benjamin AuderJust add some comments/thoughts
2020-06-11 Benjamin AuderFix Pawnmassacre
2020-06-11 Benjamin AuderMerge branch 'master' of
2020-06-11 Benjamin AuderFix Absorption and Chakart variants
2020-06-10 Benjamin AuderAdd some TODOs for simultaneous games support
2020-06-09 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-06-07 Benjamin AuderFix capturing promotions in Absorption variant
2020-06-05 Benjamin AuderAnother typo...
2020-06-05 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2020-06-05 Benjamin AuderMonochrome: remove duplicate capturing moves
2020-06-05 Benjamin AuderImprove(?) Monochrome + simplify Zen variant
2020-06-04 Benjamin AuderUpdate variants classification
2020-06-04 Benjamin AuderAdd Queenpawns + small fix to vs pawns variants + remov...
2020-06-03 Benjamin AuderMerge branch 'simu'
2020-06-02 Benjamin AuderFix Hiddenqueen variant (en-passant + notation)
2020-06-02 Benjamin AuderFix typo game --> o (copy-pasted too quickly)
2020-06-01 Benjamin AuderFix corr notification bug
2020-05-31 Benjamin AuderFix capture-in-check bug for Capture and Losers variants
2020-05-31 Benjamin AuderPrepare cadence recognition for simultaneous games
2020-05-30 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-05-28 Benjamin AuderFix pawn promotions in Eightpieces
2020-05-28 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-05-28 Benjamin AuderEightpieces: prevent lancer to orient toward outside...
2020-05-28 Benjamin AuderAlways show challenge button in Hall, colored if focused
2020-05-28 Benjamin AuderBetter title for simplified variants
2020-05-28 Benjamin AuderFix Eightpieces, add some simple variants, add a basic...
2020-05-27 Benjamin AuderExperimental in-place reorientation for Eightpieces...
2020-05-26 Benjamin AuderFix Koopa promotions with captures, and Balakhlava...
2020-05-23 Benjamin AuderFix Koopa chess + select only required fields in userMo...
2020-05-23 Benjamin AuderFix Koopa variant: always allow castlin with a non...
2020-05-22 Benjamin AuderRemove unused variable. TODO: userModel.getOne() with...
2020-05-22 Benjamin AuderRemove unused parameters in setAndSendLoginToken()
2020-05-21 Benjamin AuderKoopa chess: better fix
2020-05-21 Benjamin AuderExperimental support for challenges from URL + ask...
2020-05-21 Benjamin AuderFix Pocketknight computer play
2020-05-21 Benjamin AuderFix Koopa promotions after stunning pieces
2020-05-21 Benjamin AuderImprove last move highlighting colors
2020-05-20 Benjamin AuderA few fixes (for updateCastleFlags()) + add Madhouse...
2020-05-20 Benjamin AuderAdd 'how to report a bug' to the FAQ
2020-05-20 Benjamin AuderFix Ordamirror (typo in name)
2020-05-19 Benjamin AuderFix parseInt() usage, rename Doubleorda --> Ordamirror...
2020-05-18 Benjamin AuderTypo
2020-05-18 Benjamin AuderAdd Forward + Doubleorda variants
2020-05-17 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-05-17 Benjamin AuderFix Dice variant (getFen() appeared twice)
2020-05-17 Benjamin AuderAdd Koopa chess, fix Apocalypse and Dice variants
2020-05-12 Benjamin AuderFix 'correspondence' spelling
2020-05-11 Benjamin AuderAdd comment about clock update in Game.vue
2020-05-09 Benjamin AuderCosmetics
2020-05-09 Benjamin AuderUnused code, style (cosmetics)
2020-05-07 Benjamin AuderCosmetics, mostly, and a few small bugs fixes
2020-05-07 Benjamin AuderAdd empty files for KoopaRules
2020-05-05 Benjamin AuderAdd Freecapture + advance on Koopa Chess
2020-05-04 Benjamin AuderImprove Chakart rules (captures after banana/bomb redir...
2020-05-03 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2020-05-03 Benjamin AuderFix Swap variant
2020-05-03 Benjamin AuderFix Swap variant
2020-05-03 Benjamin AuderFix Dice chess
2020-05-03 Benjamin AuderAdd simple Dice chess 8x8
2020-05-03 Benjamin AuderAdd Swap, Switching, pawns variants
2020-05-02 Benjamin AuderFix typo in Chakart getComputerMove()
2020-05-02 Benjamin AuderAdd Pacifist1 & 2
2020-05-02 Benjamin AuderAdd Pacifist1 & 2. Missing french + spanish translation...
2020-05-02 Benjamin AuderAdd Rampage Chess
2020-05-02 Benjamin AuderWhite eye for the mammoth (was transparent)
2020-05-02 Benjamin AuderSlightly restrain allowed HTML tags + adjust style...
2020-05-02 Benjamin AuderRe-adjust footer style
2020-05-02 Benjamin AuderTemporarily disable Facebook + Twitter links (not ready...