Graphical fix
[vchess.git] / TODO
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderConvert all remaining tabs by 2spaces
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderPartial fix for marseilleChess (moveList is bad)
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderSome improvements on time controls + vid
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderNew short-term TODOs
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderMigrate TODO tasks to Github/issues
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderUpdate LICENSE + TODO
2020-02-03 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-01-31 Benjamin AuderTODO: board+moves in same div fixed width centered...
2020-01-30 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-01-23 Benjamin AuderFinish corr implementation for draw offers (untested)
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderAdd some TODOs
2019-01-15 Benjamin AuderComputer mode in rules section almost OK
2019-01-12 Benjamin AuderSome advances. TODO: test board.js, and then game.js...
2019-01-09 Benjamin Auderrename getOppCol into static GetOppCol + start thinking...
2019-01-09 Benjamin AuderUser management logic half-debugged
2019-01-08 Benjamin AuderAdd roadmap on TODO file
2019-01-08 Benjamin AuderRefactoring: split files into components (not working...
2019-01-07 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2019-01-06 Benjamin AuderTODO: email form for contact (on index)
2018-12-27 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO with some ides for next weeks
2018-12-27 Benjamin AuderSome debug, plan several short + long term TODOs
2018-12-27 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO (about length of code lines)
2018-12-27 Benjamin AuderUpdate README and TODO
2018-12-27 Benjamin AuderUpdate translations and TODO
2018-12-26 Benjamin AuderCrazyhouse: back to previous design; style to be improved
2018-12-26 Benjamin AuderBugs fixing, finalization of rules in french+english
2018-12-19 Benjamin AuderStart working on style
2018-12-18 Benjamin AuderFix mycolor when resuming from game vs computer
2018-12-18 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2018-12-18 Benjamin AuderAdd some final TODOs
2018-12-18 Benjamin AuderPlay computer move in webworker to not freeze interface
2018-12-18 Benjamin AuderSome fixes, problems logic now functional
2018-12-18 Benjamin AuderSome fixes, add basic preview logic for new problem
2018-12-17 Benjamin AuderSave current state (unfinished, untested)
2018-12-15 Benjamin AuderAlmost finished problems logic. TODO: showProblem(...
2018-12-13 Benjamin AuderAdd true repetition detection
2018-12-13 Benjamin AuderAbout to finish completed Ultima rules
2018-12-13 Benjamin AuderSlight change in Ultima rules. TODO: merge with removed...
2018-12-12 Benjamin AuderFix Ultima when no moves are available
2018-12-11 Benjamin AuderDraft of Ultima chess rules; almost OK HalfChess
2018-12-11 Benjamin AuderRemove obsolete TODO file
2018-12-11 Benjamin AuderSaving state (draft, not working)
2018-12-11 Benjamin AuderDraft settings on variant page (unfinished)
2018-12-08 Benjamin AuderAttempt to not throw exception on server socket error
2018-12-08 Benjamin AuderImprove buttons styles on game page
2018-12-08 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO, better index title
2018-12-08 Benjamin AuderAllow to navigate in game after it's over (undo/play)
2018-12-08 Benjamin AuderImprove Switching chess: avoid duplicate moves for...
2018-12-04 Benjamin AuderAdjust comments, add a few TODOs + remove DEBUG in...
2018-12-01 Benjamin AuderAdd TODO for bots
2018-11-29 Benjamin AuderImprove Crazyhouse; still not debugged
2018-11-28 Benjamin AuderAdd TODOs
2018-11-28 Benjamin AuderFixed Crazyhouse; still have to keep track of promoted...
2018-11-28 Benjamin AuderSwitching chess almost OK, Extinction seems OK, Crazyho...
2018-11-27 Benjamin AuderSome fixes. Loser implemented. Draft Extinction,Crazyho...
2018-11-27 Benjamin AuderAdd a soft timer to avoid spending much more than 5...
2018-11-26 Benjamin AuderFix Alice chess
2018-11-22 Benjamin AuderDraft Alice variant, prepare some images
2018-11-21 Benjamin AuderRemove some redundant code [Checkered/Magnetic still...
2018-11-19 Benjamin AuderWorkaround unselectable text: allow PGN download
2018-11-19 Benjamin AuderAdd expert mode
2018-11-19 Benjamin AuderImplemented turn indicator
2018-11-19 Benjamin AuderDisplay tooltips below (better on smartphones I think)
2018-11-19 Benjamin AuderBasic style improve (for smartphones)
2018-11-19 Benjamin AuderImproved PGN and game seek
2018-11-19 Benjamin AuderFix incheck by pawns for checkered
2018-11-18 Benjamin AuderAttempt to fix the non-transmitted moves issue
2018-11-18 Benjamin AuderMore robust in-check indications (ready for Antiking)
2018-11-17 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2018-11-17 Benjamin AuderUpdate TODO
2018-11-17 Benjamin AuderHighlight king in red if undercheck + some improvements
2018-11-16 Benjamin AuderAdd some TODOs