2021-06-07 Benjamin AuderAlso version NAMESPACE because roxygen2 complains when... master
2021-06-07 Benjamin AuderFix computeW (was random - TODO)
2021-06-07 Benjamin AuderFix accuracy.R + add postTreatment draft
2021-06-07 Benjamin AuderAdjustments + bugs fixing
2020-04-30 Benjamin AuderError when K > d for computeMu and optimParams
2020-01-15 Benjamin AuderAllow to optimize from a given matrix W
2020-01-15 Benjamin AuderAdd draft of a function to draw computation times
2020-01-14 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2020-01-14 Benjamin AuderIt's enough to compute half of W (complete by symmetry)
2020-01-14 Benjamin AuderAdd a number_of_cores parameter for OpenMP // in Comput...
2020-01-12 Benjamin AuderUpdate year in LICENSE file, use default compilation...
2020-01-10 Benjamin AuderFix Mor thesis link + compiling for Windows
2019-12-23 Benjamin AuderPackage v.1.0 ready to be sent to CRAN
2019-12-21 Benjamin AuderRevert to previous x_init settings in optimParams ...
2019-12-21 Benjamin AuderUpdate starting point in optimParams::run()
2019-12-20 Benjamin AuderFix typo in multistart.R
2019-12-20 Benjamin AuderFix mistake in multistart.R
2019-12-20 Benjamin AuderFix multistart script
2019-12-20 Benjamin AuderImprove printResults script
2019-12-17 Benjamin AuderReporting scripts + TODO in OptimParams
2019-12-17 Benjamin AuderFix reporting scripts + reset W to identity at each...
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderFix M arg list --> vector in OptimParams
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderReplace inline funcs by macros in C code
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderReintroduce optional arg Mhat
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderRefresh accuracy.R
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderTypo in
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderAdd Makevars for cluster
2019-12-16 Benjamin Auder'update'
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderAdd print results script for article
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderRemove debug traces, inline matrix index function
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderAvoid computing an extra W in optimParams
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderRemove weights from reports scripts + first naive attem...
2019-12-16 Benjamin AuderFix OptimParams + clean test file
2019-12-14 Benjamin AuderSimplify data sampling + cosmetics + draft unit test...
2019-12-11 Benjamin AuderAdd comments, TODOs...
2019-12-10 Benjamin AuderReplace tabs by 2spaces
2019-12-10 Benjamin AuderRemove traces in functions.c
2019-12-10 Benjamin AuderCosmetics
2019-12-10 Benjamin AuderFix code which is now running, but computations are...
2019-12-09 Benjamin AuderBug fixes. Seemingly Compute_Omega() is wrong
2019-12-09 Benjamin AuderFix typos and mistakes
2019-12-09 Benjamin AuderCompleted draft for version with matrix W
2019-12-08 Benjamin AuderAlmost first draft for optim with W (still Compute_Omeg...
2019-12-04 Benjamin AuderPrepare code for GLSMM implementation (generalized...
2019-12-03 Benjamin AuderRemove weights for now; planning generalization with...
2019-10-30 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2019-10-30 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2019-10-30 Benjamin AuderRevert sample.R back to working code
2019-10-28 Benjamin AuderFix reporting scripts
2019-10-28 Benjamin AuderSave multistart results in different files
2019-10-28 Benjamin AuderFix default weights, fix reporting scripts
2019-10-28 Benjamin AuderFix Y computation in data sampling
2019-09-24 Benjamin AuderForgot to add weights as a field in Optimparams class
2019-09-23 Benjamin AuderMerge branch 'master' of
2019-09-23 Benjamin AuderFix script for cluster + a few other fixes
2019-09-22 Benjamin AuderAdd weights handling (experimental)
2019-09-20 Benjamin Auderupdate
2019-09-20 Benjamin AuderAdd updated files for reporting
2019-02-05 Benjamin AuderFix current vignette
2019-02-05 Benjamin AuderUpdate vignette + optim code
2018-12-14 Benjamin AuderRefresh package doc, some advances on vignette
2018-12-11 Benjamin AuderVignette + obsolete doc (should be updated soon)
2018-12-11 Benjamin AuderSave vignette state
2018-12-11 Benjamin AuderSaving draft vignette state
2018-12-10 Benjamin AuderVignette... TODO
2018-11-16 Benjamin AuderUpdate vignette
2018-11-16 Benjamin AuderEarly draft of vignette
2018-11-15 Benjamin Auder'update'
2018-07-12 Benjamin AuderIgnore reports
2018-07-12 Benjamin Auder'update'
2018-07-12 Benjamin AuderAdd title arg to plotCoefs
2018-07-10 Benjamin AuderOne type per plot for coefs
2018-07-10 Benjamin Auder'update'
2018-07-09 Benjamin AuderAfter merge
2018-07-09 Benjamin AuderChanges for R package on CRAN
2018-07-09 Benjamin AuderSmall plotting change for black and white printing
2018-06-12 Benjamin AuderUpdate DESCRIPTION
2018-05-29 Benjamin Auderupdate LICENSE form for CRAN
2018-05-29 Benjamin Auderfit CRAN rules (tests)
2018-05-29 Benjamin Auderfit CRAN rules
2018-05-29 Benjamin Auderfix for CRAN
2018-04-19 Benjamin AuderAdjustments to pass R CMD check --as-cran
2018-02-27 Benjamin AuderGet index information into prepareArgs for multirun()
2018-01-23 Benjamin AuderFirst commit