descriptionSpectral methods to estimate mixture parameters
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Estimate parameters of mixtures of logistic regressions

This code is one applied part in the PhD thesis of Mor-Absa Loum


Mixture of lOgistic Regressions Parameters (H)Estimation with (U)Spectral methods. The main methods take d-dimensional inputs + a vector of binary outputs, and return parameters according to the GLMs mixture model (please see the package vignette).

NOTE: greek unicode letters are used in the code, because it’s much nicer to write λ, β and Σ than lambda, beta and Sigma - and also more importantly because it works well :) …However CRAN demands ASCII files - therefore the presence of script.

Warning: tests won’t run well on the non-UTF8 package. Run ./ and then inside pkg-cran call devtools::test().


Install the package, then ?multiRun is a possible starting point.

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2021-06-07 Benjamin AuderFix computeW (was random - TODO)
2021-06-07 Benjamin AuderFix accuracy.R + add postTreatment draft
2021-06-07 Benjamin AuderAdjustments + bugs fixing
2020-04-30 Benjamin AuderError when K > d for computeMu and optimParams
2020-01-15 Benjamin AuderAllow to optimize from a given matrix W
2020-01-15 Benjamin AuderAdd draft of a function to draw computation times
2020-01-14 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2020-01-14 Benjamin AuderIt's enough to compute half of W (complete by symmetry)
2020-01-14 Benjamin AuderAdd a number_of_cores parameter for OpenMP // in Comput...
2020-01-12 Benjamin AuderUpdate year in LICENSE file, use default compilation...
2020-01-10 Benjamin AuderFix Mor thesis link + compiling for Windows
2019-12-23 Benjamin AuderPackage v.1.0 ready to be sent to CRAN
2019-12-21 Benjamin AuderRevert to previous x_init settings in optimParams ...
2019-12-21 Benjamin AuderUpdate starting point in optimParams::run()
2019-12-20 Benjamin AuderFix typo in multistart.R
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