descriptionVariable selection with mixtures of models
last changeFri, 28 May 2021 10:01:01 +0000 (12:01 +0200)

VAriable seLection with mixtureS of modEls

With Emilie Devijver.

Re-writing from a similar project in MATLAB, which corresponds to applied parts of the PhD thesis of Emilie.

This git repo uses git-fat to store binary objects. “git fat init && git fat pull” will get them.

2021-05-28 Benjamin AuderAdjustments for CRAN upload master
2021-05-26 Benjamin AuderUpdate to conform to CRAN rules (unfinished)
2021-05-16 Benjamin AuderPackage as sent to CRAN
2021-01-08 Benjamin AuderUpdate tests
2021-01-08 Benjamin AuderSimplfy script
2021-01-08 Benjamin AuderRemoved obsolete submodule
2020-06-05 Benjamin AuderFix SVD error when p < m in EMGrank.c
2020-06-05 devijveeplot fonctionne
2020-06-05 devijveecomment output
2020-04-07 Benjamin AuderUpdate README and package DESCRIPTION
2020-04-07 Benjamin AuderFix constructionModelesLassoMLE: phiInit was reshaped...
2020-04-07 Benjamin AuderFix test/ folder: tests of C code run fine now
2020-04-07 Benjamin AuderRemove arg n in plot_valse (deduce from X)
2020-03-14 devijveeupdate Emilie
2020-03-11 Benjamin AuderErrors still there. Add a new one (hopefully related)
2020-03-11 Benjamin AuderPass R CMD check --as-cran
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