descriptionSimple but flexible website to play many chess variants
last changeFri, 14 Jan 2022 09:34:03 +0000 (10:34 +0100)


Simplified version of old vchess.club, to focus on the essential : the game.

Requirements (dev)

Global npm install: nodemon, livereload.
A static web server like “php -S localhost:8000”.


wget https://xogo.live/assets.zip && unzip assets.zip
Rename parameters.js.dist → parameters.js, and edit file.
npm i

./start.sh (edit ‘php -S …’ line if necessary)


13 days ago Benjamin AuderImplemented random rematch main
2021-12-21 Benjamin AuderSlightly increase 'Play' btn margin
2021-12-03 Benjamin AuderFix last fix :)
2021-12-03 Benjamin AuderFix 'undefined C' issue
2021-11-28 Benjamin AuderAdd some TODOs
2021-11-22 Benjamin AuderAdd falling pawn mode for Recycle + fix animation bug
2021-11-21 Benjamin AuderAttempt to fix Recycle animation
2021-11-19 Benjamin AuderAdd some TODOs
2021-11-19 Benjamin AuderTrying to prevent horizontal swipe effect on smartphone...
2021-11-19 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2021-11-17 Benjamin AuderCosmetics
2021-11-17 Benjamin AuderBetter reserves display fix for Firefox
2021-11-17 Benjamin AuderImprove playing experience on smartphones
2021-11-17 Benjamin AuderRemove extra lines in .gitignore
2021-11-17 Benjamin AuderRemove (useless?) pingback logic + retry send move...
2021-11-16 Benjamin AuderFix cannibal promotions
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