3 hours ago Benjamin AuderAlmost fixed bario main
8 hours ago Benjamin AuderFix some bugs
29 hours ago Benjamin AuderDraft Bario (unfinished)
2 days ago Benjamin AuderAdd Avalanche, write Avalam rules
2 days ago Benjamin AuderAdd Avalam
3 days ago Benjamin AuderTODO
3 days ago Benjamin AuderAdd Atari-Go
3 days ago Benjamin AuderAdd AbstractClickFillRules for games filling squares...
3 days ago Benjamin AuderA few fixes, specify Apocalypse rules, draft Arena
3 days ago Benjamin AuderFirst working draft of Apocalypse
5 days ago Benjamin AuderMerge branch 'main' of auder.net:xogo
5 days ago Benjamin AuderFix Chakart
6 days ago Benjamin AuderAnimate castle moves + better Apocalypse draft
6 days ago Benjamin AuderCleaner fen generation + first draft of Apocalypse...
6 days ago Benjamin AuderComplete Antiking, add Antimatter
7 days ago Benjamin AuderFix Antiking
7 days ago Benjamin AuderDraft Antiking1/2. Changed underCheck/searchKingPos...
7 days ago Benjamin AuderMarks on board for diagrams: done
7 days ago Benjamin AuderImprove diagraming abilities, fix Chakart full rules
7 days ago Benjamin AuderFirst version of complete Chakart rules (unfinished...
8 days ago Benjamin AuderFix size of chessboard following container
8 days ago Benjamin AuderFirst attempt to use container instead of window (reusa...
8 days ago Benjamin AuderAttempt to avoid interferences from past loaded variant...
8 days ago Benjamin AuderFinish Allmate rules
8 days ago Benjamin AuderFix last refactoring. Ready to add variants
9 days ago Benjamin AuderFinish base_rules.js refactoring
10 days ago Benjamin Auderbase_rules.js refactoring. draft state (untested)
12 days ago Benjamin AuderBetter animation for Atomic
12 days ago Benjamin AuderExperimental: improve animation, reduce lags in stack...
2022-06-23 Benjamin AuderFix Align4, fix mushrooms effect for Chakart
2022-06-22 Benjamin AuderFix memory leak of moves hash on server side. Draft...
2022-06-22 Benjamin AuderAdd some links
2022-06-22 Benjamin AuderAdd Alice Chess, fix a few things in base_rules.js
2022-06-21 Benjamin AuderAdd Cleopatra option to Benedict chess
2022-06-21 Benjamin AuderFix Alapo
2022-06-21 Benjamin AuderAdd Alapo (unfinished). Reorganise pieces folder
2022-06-21 Benjamin AuderAdd Ambiguous. Fix a few issues with FEN generation...
2022-06-21 Benjamin AuderStart Ambiguous
2022-06-21 Benjamin AuderAdd Refusal
2022-06-20 Benjamin AuderAdd Suction
2022-06-20 Benjamin AuderFix mushroom effect: more consistent
2022-06-20 Benjamin AuderFix Chakart promotions after effects
2022-06-20 Benjamin AuderChakart ready for testing
2022-06-20 Benjamin AuderTODO for Chakart
2022-06-19 Benjamin AuderFix (a lot but maybe not all of) Chakart
2022-06-18 Benjamin AuderChakart almost ready...
2022-06-17 Benjamin AuderChakart ready soon
2022-06-17 Benjamin AuderSome progress on Chakart
2022-06-14 Benjamin AuderSaving Chakart state
2022-06-09 Benjamin Auderupdate
2022-06-09 Benjamin Auderrename pieces
2022-06-07 Benjamin Auderupdate
2022-06-07 Benjamin Auderupdate
2022-06-04 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2022-06-04 Benjamin AuderAdd Giveaway. Preparing for Chakart a little more
2022-06-03 Benjamin Auderupdate
2022-06-03 Benjamin AuderStart thinking about Chakart
2022-06-02 Benjamin AuderHex rotation OK
2022-06-02 Benjamin AuderSome bugs fixes
2022-06-02 Benjamin AuderMaybe we can finally get rid of these code bits which...
2022-06-02 Benjamin AuderBugs fixing attempt
2022-06-02 Benjamin AuderTODO about simplifying rescaling
2022-06-02 Benjamin AuderTODO: fix turn issues (impossible to play, triple move...
2022-06-01 Benjamin AuderFix rescale() instability. TODO: hex rotation vertical...
2022-06-01 Benjamin AuderAdd Hex: almost fine, still some issues with SVG +...
2022-05-31 Benjamin AuderFirst draft of Hex game
2022-05-30 Benjamin AuderUpdate variants.js
2022-05-29 Benjamin AuderMinor fixes
2022-05-29 Benjamin AuderFix animation for Cylinder chess
2022-05-27 Benjamin AuderStarted to refactor cylinder / move / segments
2022-05-26 Benjamin AuderFix castling prevention when passing on attacked squares
2022-05-26 Benjamin AuderFix animation + Rifle
2022-05-25 Benjamin AuderFix Benedict-Dark
2022-05-24 Benjamin AuderFinish refactoring base_rules.js (for now)
2022-05-24 Benjamin Auderupdate
2022-05-23 Benjamin Auderupdate
2022-05-23 Benjamin AuderCurrent state - TODO: pawnfall fix, better pre/postPlay()
2022-05-12 Benjamin AuderTODO: Cannibal + pawnfall, at least, fail
2022-05-12 Benjamin AuderFix animation issue
2022-05-09 Benjamin AuderDebugging
2022-05-08 Benjamin AuderSome more refactoring - not working for now
2022-05-03 Benjamin AuderPause. Next move: generalize base_rules.js to different...
2022-05-02 Benjamin AuderStart thinking about Hex
2022-05-02 Benjamin AuderFix Teleport bug on subturn 2
2022-05-02 Benjamin AuderAdd a few variants
2022-05-02 Benjamin AuderAdd Madrasi, fix Absorption, better pieces management
2022-05-01 Benjamin AuderAfter base_rules refactoring. Still a few issues (Dark...)
2022-04-24 Benjamin AuderStart Absoption
2022-04-22 Benjamin AuderAdd a temporary patch for so far unexplained bug
2022-04-21 Benjamin AuderDoublemove ok. Still some random issues with animation
2022-04-21 Benjamin AuderAdd some more variants; TODO: Doublemove options
2022-04-19 Benjamin AuderFix crazyhouse
2022-04-18 Benjamin AuderSome issues with reserves display
2022-04-16 Benjamin AuderSome improvements + simplify TODOs
2022-03-23 Benjamin AuderShowing rules after random rematch only
2022-03-16 Benjamin AuderImprove style. TODO: after rematch random, show variant...
2022-01-30 Benjamin AuderCosmetics (TODO)
2022-01-14 Benjamin AuderImplemented random rematch
2021-12-21 Benjamin AuderSlightly increase 'Play' btn margin
2021-12-03 Benjamin AuderFix last fix :)