2020-02-06 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-02-06 Benjamin AuderGraphical fix
2020-02-06 Benjamin AuderGraphical fix + remove Switching variant
2020-02-06 Benjamin AuderFix rules contents
2020-02-06 Benjamin AuderStill logging an issue when transitioning Hall <--...
2020-02-05 Benjamin AuderLeft some TODOs, some bugs
2020-02-05 Benjamin AuderSmall fixes
2020-02-05 Benjamin AuderEverything implemented. A lot still untested
2020-02-05 Benjamin AuderFix incheck bug
2020-02-05 Benjamin AuderTODO: finish draw offer logic + fix inCheck bug (no...
2020-02-05 Benjamin AuderRelocate board adjuster + start working on translations
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderConvert all remaining tabs by 2spaces
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderFix MarseillRules
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderFailed attempt for marseilleChess with a template:...
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderPartial fix for marseilleChess (moveList is bad)
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderFix checkered variant
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderSome improvements on time controls + vid
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderSome fixes
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderFixes on login/logout + challenges sending
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderNew short-term TODOs
2020-02-04 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderMigrate TODO tasks to Github/issues
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderUpdate LICENSE + TODO
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderRemove debug trace
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderFix current page in sockets.js
2020-02-04 Benjamin AuderFix chat
2020-02-04 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-02-03 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-02-03 Benjamin AuderIssue with observer in live games: moveToPlay repeated...
2020-02-03 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-02-03 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-02-02 Benjamin AuderCheck variants. All OK except Dark (bug), Checkered...
2020-02-01 Benjamin AuderTODO: fix draw logic
2020-02-01 Benjamin AuderFinished. Now some last styling
2020-02-01 Benjamin AuderStyling
2020-02-01 Benjamin AuderSanitize inputs on server side
2020-01-31 Benjamin AuderLast size adjustments
2020-01-31 Benjamin AuderStyle...
2020-01-31 Benjamin AuderWork on sizes, CSS
2020-01-31 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-01-31 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-01-31 Benjamin AuderTODO: board+moves in same div fixed width centered...
2020-01-31 Benjamin AuderFixes
2020-01-30 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-01-30 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-01-30 Benjamin AuderSmooth scrolling in moves, template to render moveList
2020-01-29 Benjamin AuderStyling, adjustments
2020-01-29 Benjamin AuderFixes
2020-01-29 Benjamin AuderAdjustments, handle keyStrokes on BaseGame
2020-01-29 Benjamin AuderFill About.vue, clean translations
2020-01-28 Benjamin Auderfixes, adjustments
2020-01-28 Benjamin AuderFixes
2020-01-28 Benjamin AuderSome fixes
2020-01-28 Benjamin AuderFix. TODO: Vue reactivity on game.score and game. ...
2020-01-27 Benjamin AuderVarious fixes
2020-01-27 Benjamin AuderAdd chat to Hall, clickable FEN, fix contact form
2020-01-26 Benjamin AuderSmall fix
2020-01-26 Benjamin AuderSome graphical improvements (first attempt)
2020-01-26 Benjamin AuderGet rid of ugly this.... calls
2020-01-23 Benjamin AuderFinish corr implementation for draw offers (untested)
2020-01-23 Benjamin AuderFix some racing issues within Game.vue
2020-01-23 Benjamin AuderAdvance on draw logic (for live, not corr)
2020-01-23 Benjamin AuderAdd basic analyze view from FEN
2020-01-23 Benjamin AuderSimplify abort, fix time in corr games
2020-01-22 Benjamin AuderFix games list display + challenges display
2020-01-22 Benjamin AuderFix games vs comp + auto
2020-01-22 Benjamin AuderSome changes to the logic in Rules.vue: weird behavior...
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderAdd some TODOs
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderFix computer moves randomness, rename random() into...
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderFixes around game observing. TODO: abort/resign/draw...
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderImplement basic observing logic
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderFix chat issues when launching a game
2020-01-20 Benjamin AuderFix attempt - still chat issues when tabs are not reloa...
2020-01-20 Benjamin AuderFix online indicators between Hall and Game pages
2020-01-18 Benjamin AuderSome fixes
2020-01-18 Benjamin AuderSave state: draft of askgame logic but some bugs for now
2020-01-18 Benjamin AuderChat is working
2020-01-17 Benjamin AuderMoveList working. TODO: Chat
2020-01-16 Benjamin AuderImplement cleaning methods (CRON tasks)
2020-01-15 Benjamin AuderDrop problems from server + draft DB cleaning functions
2019-12-29 Benjamin AuderDrop client/next_src/: almost finished now
2019-12-29 Benjamin AuderA few fixes, drop planned problems support (replaced...
2019-12-24 Benjamin AuderParameters adjustments + cosmetics
2019-12-20 Benjamin AuderFix bug when updating a move in game.vue
2019-12-18 Benjamin AuderRename gameId --> id in Game.vue
2019-12-07 Benjamin AuderDebug newmove + messages
2019-12-06 Benjamin AuderImplement basic move.message. Buggish + game.clocks...
2019-12-06 Benjamin AuderRemove unused move.color, format moves corr --> live...
2019-12-06 Benjamin AuderFix moves update
2019-12-06 Benjamin AuderCorr games: almost there. Then remote games + abort...
2019-12-05 Benjamin AuderAdvance on Game.vue
2019-12-04 Benjamin Audersocket rooms correspnding to pages. TODO: Hall+Game...
2019-12-03 Benjamin AuderSmall fix
2019-12-03 Benjamin AuderA few fixes
2019-12-03 Benjamin AuderImprove notification system after a move or at new...
2019-12-03 Benjamin AuderDraft game update. TODO: debug, finish view/Game.vue
2019-12-02 Benjamin AuderFix 1st move clocks don't move + add message to indicat...
2019-12-02 Benjamin AuderFix extractTime() function
2019-12-02 Benjamin AuderFix clocks update
2019-12-02 Benjamin AuderAttempt to fix countdown for live games. Some issues...