[vchess.git] / server / sockets.js
2020-02-06 Benjamin Auder'update'
2020-02-06 Benjamin AuderStill logging an issue when transitioning Hall <--...
2020-02-05 Benjamin AuderLeft some TODOs, some bugs
2020-02-01 Benjamin AuderTODO: fix draw logic
2020-02-01 Benjamin AuderFinished. Now some last styling
2020-01-31 Benjamin AuderFixes
2020-01-23 Benjamin AuderAdvance on draw logic (for live, not corr)
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderFixes around game observing. TODO: abort/resign/draw...
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderImplement basic observing logic
2020-01-21 Benjamin AuderFix chat issues when launching a game
2020-01-20 Benjamin AuderFix attempt - still chat issues when tabs are not reloa...
2020-01-20 Benjamin AuderFix online indicators between Hall and Game pages
2020-01-18 Benjamin AuderSome fixes
2020-01-18 Benjamin AuderSave state: draft of askgame logic but some bugs for now
2020-01-18 Benjamin AuderChat is working
2019-12-06 Benjamin AuderCorr games: almost there. Then remote games + abort...
2019-12-04 Benjamin Audersocket rooms correspnding to pages. TODO: Hall+Game...
2019-11-29 Benjamin AuderFix challenge send+accept. Now debug game launch from...
2019-07-18 Benjamin AuderRefactor challenges logic (start game when accepting...
2019-07-04 Benjamin AuderModifs to send current live game
2019-07-01 Benjamin Auder'update'
2019-06-28 Benjamin AuderCosmetics
2019-06-28 Benjamin AuderRefactor, forget about 3 or 4 players games
2019-06-18 Benjamin AuderSome fixes. TODO: game.mode must be analyze when score...
2019-06-14 Benjamin AuderRefactor endgame process, start working on game end...
2019-03-28 Benjamin AuderFix things. Now on (live) game start + play
2019-03-08 Benjamin Auder'update'
2019-03-04 Benjamin AuderSave state
2019-02-27 Benjamin AuderSaving state
2019-02-27 Benjamin AuderCan create, send and accept challenge. Next step: targe...
2019-02-26 Benjamin AuderSmall advance on Hall.vue (challenges + display)
2019-02-20 Benjamin AuderSeparate timeControl logic into utils/timeControl
2019-02-19 Benjamin AuderSaving state (hall+sockets)
2019-02-13 Benjamin AuderSome advances in challenge handling (server+client)
2019-02-11 Benjamin AuderImplemented players discovery
2019-02-11 Benjamin AuderSave state (nothing really achieved)
2019-02-08 Benjamin AuderWork on sockets + challenge system
2019-01-24 Benjamin AuderTiny changes...
2019-01-24 Benjamin AuderArrange sockets.js (unimplemented yet)
2019-01-23 Benjamin AuderAdvance on client side
2019-01-22 Benjamin AuderSeparate client and server codes. Keep everything in...