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2021-05-25 Benjamin AuderExperimental simplification in Game.vue (next step...
2021-05-24 Benjamin AuderTypo
2021-05-24 Benjamin AuderSmall fix + attempt to improve socket messages reliabil...
2021-05-23 Benjamin Auder'update'
2021-05-12 Benjamin AuderFix promotions in Pandemonium1
2021-05-10 Benjamin AuderFix 8-pieces
2021-05-10 Benjamin AuderAttempt to fix Eightpieces
2021-05-10 Benjamin AuderAttempt to fix Eightpieces
2021-05-10 Benjamin AuderAttempt to fix 8-pieces random symmetric mode
2021-05-07 Benjamin AuderAttempt to fix sending challenges...
2021-05-07 Benjamin AuderAttempt to fix preset challenges in main Hall
2021-05-05 Benjamin AuderFix Eightpieces
2021-04-27 Benjamin AuderTypo in Minishogi
2021-04-27 Benjamin AuderAttempt to improve scrolling on smartphone
2021-04-27 Benjamin AuderFix Shogi.js
2021-04-27 Benjamin AuderFix Shogi.js
2021-04-26 Benjamin AuderFix display of Hiddenqueen diags in corr games
2021-04-26 Benjamin AuderFix last update
2021-04-26 Benjamin Auder(Hopefully) better (cleaner) authentication mechanism now
2021-04-25 Benjamin AuderExperimental board size auto-adjust
2021-04-25 Benjamin AuderAdd 'pacoplay mode' to Paco-Sako
2021-04-25 Benjamin AuderFix Joker
2021-04-25 Benjamin AuderFix Synochess
2021-04-24 Benjamin AuderFix typo
2021-04-23 Benjamin AuderFix Football
2021-04-23 Benjamin AuderFix Football
2021-04-23 Benjamin AuderFix Football
2021-04-20 Benjamin AuderFix Maxima (immobilize kings too)
2021-04-19 Benjamin AuderFix squares colors on diagrams
2021-04-18 Benjamin AuderSmall fixes
2021-04-17 Benjamin AuderFix Football, add some pieces movements in rules for...
2021-04-16 Benjamin AuderSlightly resize Cwda pieces
2021-04-16 Benjamin AuderUpdate Cwda pieces
2021-04-15 Benjamin AuderFix Arena diag
2021-04-15 Benjamin AuderMore consistent Chakart
2021-04-15 Benjamin AuderFix Cwda (track kings)
2021-04-15 Benjamin AuderFix RR notation + en-passant
2021-04-15 Benjamin AuderUpdate Cwda - RR pieces
2021-04-15 Benjamin AuderFix options in preset challenges
2021-04-14 Benjamin AuderFix randomness bug when sending multiple challenges
2021-04-14 Benjamin AuderBetter board size auto-adjust. Still far from perfect
2021-04-14 Benjamin AuderSpecial SVG for berolina pawns
2021-04-14 Benjamin AuderExperimental board size auto-adjust
2021-04-14 Benjamin AuderMerge Atomic1 & 2
2021-04-14 Benjamin AuderFix wrong knightrider french translation
2021-04-14 Benjamin AuderSlightly better sized hoplite pawn
2021-04-14 Benjamin AuderSpartan Chess: new hoplite image
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderAdd patch for preset challenges too
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderResize huge image
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderSome Chakart fixes/adjustments
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderFinal (temporary) patch?
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderSome (experimental) fixes
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderAdd patch for compatibility with old version
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderTypo
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderA few bug fixes
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderTypo
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderMore intuitive variants-by-name page
2021-04-13 Benjamin AuderFix Cwda
2021-04-12 Benjamin AuderSeveral small improvements + integrate options + first...
2021-04-11 Benjamin AuderFix Musketeer, Joker, Shinobi. Start draft of Cwda
2021-04-10 Benjamin AuderTypo
2021-04-10 Benjamin AuderPatch local + imported games on MyGames page
2021-04-09 Benjamin AuderFix live games
2021-04-08 Benjamin AuderAdjustments
2021-04-08 Benjamin AuderAdjustments
2021-04-08 Benjamin AuderAdjustments
2021-04-08 Benjamin AuderAdd temporary patch for preset challenges
2021-04-08 Benjamin AuderExperimental change: options replacing randomness ...
2021-04-06 Benjamin AuderAdjustments
2021-04-06 Benjamin AuderAdd 'display' DB field for nicer variants display....
2021-03-28 Benjamin AuderMore balanced Shinobi according to Couch Tomato + Fable...
2021-03-27 Benjamin AuderFix typo in Fugue rules + remove Football redundant...
2021-03-25 Benjamin AuderPandemonium 1 & 2, Stealthbomb 1 & 2
2021-03-24 Benjamin AuderFix Rococo
2021-03-24 Benjamin AuderAdd Stealthbomb
2021-03-24 Benjamin AuderKonane: simplify code, easier gameplay
2021-03-24 Benjamin AuderFix Chakart: King Boo bonus shouldn't add pieces in...
2021-03-24 Benjamin AuderFix Knightmate2: detect commoner attacks
2021-03-24 Benjamin AuderFix Titan
2021-03-24 Benjamin AuderFix Titan (king tracking)
2021-03-24 Benjamin AuderFix Titan Chess
2021-03-24 Benjamin AuderPandemonium: promotion on last 2 ranks
2021-03-22 Benjamin AuderTypo
2021-03-22 Benjamin AuderAdd New Zealand Chess
2021-03-22 Benjamin AuderBetter DB sync scripts (vchess --> tournament)
2021-03-21 Benjamin AuderMore reliable Discord connection + show sender name...
2021-03-20 Benjamin AuderTypos
2021-03-20 Benjamin AuderTeleport2 (no king repositioning) + do not relay some...
2021-03-20 Benjamin AuderNotify Discord server when a new challenge appears...
2021-03-19 Benjamin AuderFix Shinobi
2021-03-19 Benjamin AuderAdd Knightmate2: two kings, as in Spartan Chess
2021-03-19 Benjamin AuderClean imports
2021-03-19 Benjamin AuderRename Monochrome --> Monocolor , split Cannibal (force...
2021-03-18 Benjamin AuderFix Shinobi: no captain in hand
2021-03-18 Benjamin AuderFix Shinobi
2021-03-18 Benjamin AuderFinalize Shinobi Chess
2021-03-18 Benjamin AuderFix inventors note for Copycat
2021-03-18 Benjamin AuderFirst draft of Shinobi (unworking)
2021-03-18 Benjamin AuderAdd Copycat, reduce Bario image size
2021-03-16 Benjamin AuderCosmetics: display variant name when sending challenge...