Add Castle Chess
[vchess.git] / .gitignore
2020-03-12 Benjamin AuderPrepare smoother future updates
2020-02-09 Benjamin AuderMerge .gitignore files + add hook to update server
2019-01-22 Benjamin AuderSeparate client and server codes. Keep everything in...
2019-01-09 Benjamin AuderRoughly completed Users logic; untested
2019-01-08 Benjamin AuderSave current state (unmerged, broken, not working...)
2019-01-07 Benjamin AuderIndex page almost OK. Now work on variant page (main...
2018-12-22 Benjamin AuderUniformize path to database
2018-12-18 Benjamin AuderRemove database from git repo
2018-12-08 Benjamin AuderAdjust gitignore for webm demo
2018-11-13 Benjamin AuderFirst commit