[vchess.git] / TODO
1 Game.vue: detecter coups invalides ? --> ou au moins le tour : move.mine = true/false
4 Embedded rules language not updated when language is set (in Analyse, Game and Problems)
5 If new live game starts in background, "new game" notify OK but not first move.
7 "FreeBoard", re-using a lot of Board logic, but with SVG (empty) board + SVG (empty) reserves.
8 Will be used for variants with custom non-rectangular board (Hex, at least)
9 Or, with other board shapes (see greenchess.net for example)
11 Merge Orda + Empire + Hoppelpoppel + Newzealand getSlideNJumpMoves() into base_rules.js
12 => allow to simplify getPawnMoves in RoyalRace (and some getXMoves in Shatranj)
14 Option "free placement" in Hidden
16 #New variants:
17 Chessplode
18 Tablut
20 New stealthbomb mode, explode when capture enemy bomb (always on pawn)
22 https://brainking.com/fr/GameRules?tp=128 Massacre Chess
24 PizzaKings https://www.chessvariants.com/unequal.dir/pizza-kings.html
25 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_with_different_armies#Pizza_Kings%5B11%5D_(John_Lawson)
27 Coin Chess
28 https://msoworld.com/product/chess-variants/
29 Background: Unknown inventor
30 Rules:
31 Normal rules apply except for the introduction of a coin (or counter)
32 Black starts by placing the coin on any unoccupied square. Play then continues with players alternating turns as in normal chess.
33 On their turn, a player makes any legal move but may not move onto the square where the coin has been placed. The player may move over (but not onto), the coin square.
34 The player ends their turn by leaving the coin where it stands or moving the coin to a different unoccupied square.
35 The coin can never be placed on an occupied square, and therefore cannot be used to protect a piece from capture
36 A player wins by checkmating the opponent. Note that the coin can be used to remove escape squares from the king.
38 https://www.chessvariants.com/other.dir/nemoroth.html :-)
40 Chagagne ^^
42 Power Sharing
43 Rules: Two adjacent pieces of the same color can share their movement. Adjacency includes diagonals, sharing ends once pieces are separated, and sharing can be used to check, capture pieces, and promote pawns.
44 (+ pawns and king ?!)
45 TheGoatMan Discord https://discord.com/channels/686736099959504907/687076968046395410/836274318480113686
47 https://www.chessvariants.com/rules/canoness-chess
48 + https://discord.com/channels/686736099959504907/686736100416553055/841432354676670524
50 Non-Prise chess (from list http://www.pathguy.com/chess/chessvar.html)
52 Discord / littleplotkin:
53 The idea is that everytime you move a piece, that piece changes in value
54 each piece transformation has an equally likely chance of happening
55 --> retrouver ref chessvariants, la mentionner, et de-randomizer
57 Recycle: pions posés sur 1ere rangée !
58 Teleport: pawns falling on rank 8?!