2017-03-18 Benjamin AuderRename EMGLLF and EMGrank with suffix _R in generate_te...
2017-03-18 Benjamin AuderRemove obsolete comments in generate_tests/EMGLLF.R
2017-03-18 Benjamin AuderMore readable
2017-03-18 Benjamin AuderWARNING: remove .gitattributes and .gitfat from the...
2017-03-18 Benjamin Auderclean .gitattributes
2017-03-18 Benjamin Auderprepare wrappers EMGLLF.R --> EMGLLF.c
2017-03-18 Benjamin Auderbetter gitignore repartition and contents
2017-03-18 Benjamin Auderadd some folders; more complete package structure
2017-03-17 emiliefew last things
2017-03-17 emiliefew modifications
2017-03-17 emilieessaiPlot almost ok : add a color per cluster? For...
2017-03-17 emilieupdate the model selection step. Beginning for the...
2017-03-16 emilieupdate to get a valse programm which could be run
2017-03-16 emilieMerge branch 'master' of
2017-03-16 emiliefew updates
2017-03-16 Benjamin AuderFix selectVariables.R
2017-03-16 emilieupdate biblio
2017-03-16 emiliesome few things
2017-03-16 emilieMerge branch 'master' of
2017-03-16 emiliesome few things
2017-03-16 Benjamin AuderMerge branch 'master' of
2017-03-16 Benjamin AuderFolder reorganization
2017-03-16 emilieMerge branch 'master' of
2017-03-16 emiliewithout parallel for selectiontotale.R (problem with...
2017-03-16 Benjamin Auderignore local files (projects, R history...)
2017-03-16 emiliefew details
2017-03-16 emilieupdate EMGLLF.R and some few details
2017-03-10 Benjamin AuderRemove and ignore Rstudio project files
2017-03-06 emilieadd comment in constructionMdodelesLassoMLE.R
2017-03-06 emilieupadate valse.R
2017-03-06 emilieupdate valse.R
2017-03-03 Benjamin Auderdraft of constructionModelesLassoMLE.R
2017-02-23 Benjamin Auderadd a few TODOs in constructionModelesEMGLLF.R
2017-02-23 Benjamin Auderforgot to return result in selectVariableS.R
2017-02-23 Benjamin Audermerge selectVariables.R doc and selectiontotale.R code...
2017-02-23 Benjamin Auderdraft of selectiontotale.R
2017-02-23 Benjamin Auderprepare EMGLLF / EMGrank wrappers, simplify folder...
2017-02-23 Benjamin AuderDrop useless files (we will use R 'parallel' package)
2017-02-23 Benjamin Audermove selectiontotale to appropriate folder (untranslated)
2017-02-23 Benjamin AuderAdd a few indications for debug
2017-02-23 Benjamin Auderfacilitate test
2017-02-22 emilieun peu de nettoyage, mais rien de fou
2017-02-12 Benjamin Auderadd package-valse.Rd in man
2017-02-12 Benjamin Audernamespace generated by roxygen2
2017-02-12 Benjamin Auderfix test.constructionModelesLassoMLE; TODO: det(rho...
2017-02-12 Benjamin Auderfix generateRunTest for constructionModelesEMGrank...
2017-02-11 Benjamin Auderfix memory leaks on EMGLLF, test OK for EMGrank
2017-02-10 Benjamin Auderfix indexations: test.EMGLLF without errors (but R...
2017-02-10 Benjamin Auderdebug test.EMGLLF
2017-02-10 Benjamin Auderfix arrays reading in C, add type Real for double or...
2017-02-10 Benjamin Auderfix generateRunSave_EMGLLF, simplify arrays readings
2017-02-10 Benjamin Auderfix valse pkg functions callings in src/test/generate
2017-02-02 Benjamin Goehrycorrection emgrank.R
2017-01-30 Benjamin Goehrycorrection emgllf.R
2017-01-30 Benjamin Goehrycorrection calcul matrice
2017-01-25 Benjamin Auderfix EMGLLF.R line 64: sum(gam,1) in MATLAB is colSums...
2017-01-24 Benjamin GoehryEMGrank + typo
2017-01-17 Benjamin GoehryEMGLLF in R
2017-01-17 Benjamin Goehryconstruction lasso rank
2017-01-17 Benjamin GoehryconstructionModelLassoLME.R
2017-01-16 Benjamin Goehrynew tests + correction
2017-01-16 Benjamin Goehry ajout test
2017-01-14 Benjamin Auderwrite generateRunSaveTest_EMGLLF.R
2017-01-14 Benjamin Auderno more need for src/test/testX.R
2017-01-14 Benjamin Auderrevert src/test/utils.c
2017-01-14 Benjamin Auderremove utils.c, prepare testing 'R-only'
2017-01-14 Benjamin AuderOLD_MATLAB_CODE not required anymore
2017-01-14 Benjamin Auderreorganize test folder: tests generation with MATLAB...
2017-01-13 Benjamin Goehrycorrection testEMGLLF.R
2017-01-13 Benjamin Goehryajout tests
2017-01-13 Benjamin Auderwrite test.EMGrank.c
2017-01-13 Benjamin Auderignore valgrind core files
2017-01-12 Benjamin Auderupdate tests/TODO
2017-01-12 Benjamin AuderC-part of tests ready [TODO: R part]
2017-01-12 Benjamin Audertest almost working
2017-01-11 Benjamin Auderadd test folder
2017-01-10 Benjamin Goehrytypo + changement de clustering initial (mclust ->...
2017-01-09 Benjamin Auderadd clening script
2017-01-09 Benjamin Goehrytypo
2017-01-09 Benjamin Auderupdate Makevars
2017-01-09 Benjamin Goehrycorrection typo
2017-01-09 Benjamin Goehrytypo emgllf
2017-01-09 Benjamin Goehrycorrection typo
2017-01-06 Benjamin Auderfix typos
2016-12-17 Benjamin AuderR package can now be installed (compilation OK)
2016-12-16 Benjamin Auderfinished translation MATLAB --> R,C ; start debugging...
2016-12-15 Benjamin Auderalmost finished
2016-12-15 Benjamin Auderfinish adapters ; almost finished sources
2016-12-07 Benjamin Auderdelete .Rhistory
2016-12-06 Benjamin Auderignore .Rhistory and a few other files
2016-12-06 emilieMerge branch 'master' of
2016-12-06 emilieréécriture de selectionTotale.m
2016-12-06 Benjamin Auderreplace spaces by tabs
2016-12-06 emiliedonnées simulées
2016-12-06 emilieutilisation de k-means au lieu de hierarchique dans...
2016-12-06 emilieajout des commentaires Roxygen - anglicisme de certains...
2016-12-04 Benjamin Auder'update'
2016-12-04 Benjamin AuderR: cosmetics + start translation of (selmix.m into...
2016-12-02 Benjamin Auderremove testing code in basicInit
2016-12-02 Benjamin Auderfinished a.EMGLLF.c [to test] ; fix indices in EMGLLF...