Remove arg n in plot_valse (deduce from X)
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2017-11-03 Benjamin Audercosmetics
2017-04-12 emiliefix few things
2017-04-12 emiliefix many problems (models appearing twice, irrelevant...
2017-04-11 emilieUpdate plot_valse and add it to main.R
2017-03-23 emilieAprès mon merge héroïque
2017-03-23 emilieAprès mon merge héroïque
2017-03-18 emilieunneccessary changes
2017-03-18 Benjamin Auderno need to source self code in a package: function...
2017-03-18 Benjamin AuderNecessary changes to generate/run C tests.
2017-03-17 emiliefew last things
2017-03-17 emiliefew modifications
2017-03-17 emilieessaiPlot almost ok : add a color per cluster? For...
2017-03-17 emilieupdate the model selection step. Beginning for the...
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