Adjustments for CRAN upload
[valse.git] / pkg / R / computeGridLambda.R
2021-05-28 Benjamin AuderAdjustments for CRAN upload master
2020-03-11 Benjamin AuderPass R CMD check --as-cran
2020-02-06 Benjamin Audermerge with remote
2020-01-11 Benjamin AuderRefresh package, suppress what we won't do right now...
2018-01-22 Benjamin AuderFirst commit
2017-11-03 Benjamin Auderprogress in debug: fix LLF/llh mismatch, and length...
2017-04-21 emilieessai fusion
2017-04-21 emilieessai fusion
2017-04-21 emiliefix few things for the LLF
2017-04-21 Benjamin Auderfix for m==1
2017-04-20 Benjamin AuderFix numerical problems in EMGLLF (R version)
2017-04-14 Benjamin Auderremove pre-commit hook; fix weird formatting from forma...
2017-04-14 Benjamin Auderindent everything: google rules...
2017-04-14 Benjamin Audercosmetics
2017-04-13 emiliefix initialization and made some update
2017-04-11 Benjamin AuderAdd 'fast' argument to select C code or R code
2017-04-04 emilieupdate main.R and fix some errors
2017-04-03 Benjamin Auderseveral modifs - pkg looks better (but untested)
2017-04-02 Benjamin Auderno need to generate random IO params: migrate in test...