test auto-indenter
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2017-03-23 emilieAprès mon merge héroïque
2017-03-18 Benjamin AuderAdd test/README: shell file self-documented
2017-03-18 Benjamin Auderbetter gitignore repartition and contents
2017-03-16 emilieMerge branch 'master' of auder.net:valse
2017-03-16 Benjamin Auderignore local files (projects, R history...)
2017-03-16 emilieupdate EMGLLF.R and some few details
2017-03-10 Benjamin AuderRemove and ignore Rstudio project files
2017-03-06 emilieadd comment in constructionMdodelesLassoMLE.R
2017-03-06 emilieupdate valse.R
2017-02-12 Benjamin Auderadd package-valse.Rd in man
2017-02-12 Benjamin Audernamespace generated by roxygen2
2017-02-12 Benjamin Auderfix generateRunTest for constructionModelesEMGrank...
2017-01-12 Benjamin AuderC-part of tests ready [TODO: R part]
2016-12-06 Benjamin Auderignore .Rhistory and a few other files