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2020-02-06 Benjamin Auder'update' master
2020-02-06 Benjamin Audermerge with remote
2018-01-22 Benjamin AuderFirst commit
2017-07-02 Benjamin Auderfix bugs
2017-06-29 Benjamin Auderfix Data acquisition; TODO: check CV for local method
2017-06-20 Benjamin Auderupdate following 23/05 TODOs
2017-05-30 Benjamin Auderafter merg
2017-05-30 Benjamin Auderprepare last changes
2017-05-18 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-05-17 Benjamin Auderprepare package for yearly report
2017-05-11 Benjamin Auderprepare report on one full year (2015)
2017-05-04 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-05-04 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-05-04 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-05-04 Benjamin Auderupdate reports, last fixes, cleanup
2017-05-04 Benjamin Auderupdate documention, fix package to compete with 'method...
2017-05-03 Benjamin Auderinvestigations on Bruno vs. talweg: a shift overved...
2017-04-27 Benjamin AuderTODO: comprendre pkoi pas mêmes voisins
2017-04-26 Benjamin Audersome last fixes; results still not good...
2017-04-26 Benjamin Auderadapt Bruno method into package, add 'operational'...
2017-04-25 Benjamin AuderMerge branch 'master' of auder.net:talweg
2017-04-25 Benjamin AuderTDO debug tests
2017-04-25 Benjamin Auderfix mistake; perfs not as good as expected. Why?
2017-04-25 Benjamin Audera few fixes
2017-04-25 Benjamin Auderfix mistake in yersteday/today computations
2017-04-24 Benjamin Audera few fixes
2017-04-24 Benjamin Auderrevise package structure: always predict from 1am to...
2017-04-18 Benjamin Auderrefactor reports.gj, prepare also 13h report
2017-04-14 Benjamin AuderR CMD check OK
2017-04-14 Benjamin Auderfix package
2017-04-14 Benjamin Auderfix package
2017-04-14 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-04-11 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-04-11 Benjamin Auderfix computeError.R
2017-04-10 Benjamin Auderfix tests
2017-04-09 Benjamin AuderTODO: unit tests for simil days
2017-04-09 Benjamin AuderImprove documentation
2017-04-07 Benjamin Auderwork on doc
2017-04-07 Benjamin Auderclarify data acquisition; TODO: improve doc + usage
2017-04-06 Benjamin Audersave current state
2017-04-06 Benjamin Auderimprove doc of computeForecast for realtime usage
2017-04-06 Benjamin Auderon the way back without realtime
2017-04-05 Benjamin Auderadd realtime option, slightly refactor data acquisition
2017-03-29 Benjamin Auderfix F_Neighbors.R
2017-03-29 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-29 Benjamin Auderfinished merging F_Neighbors.R; TODO: test
2017-03-29 Benjamin Auderattempt to fix F_Neighbors2
2017-03-29 Benjamin Auderfix window bounds
2017-03-29 Benjamin AuderNo longer direct predict for Neighbors2: recollement...
2017-03-28 Benjamin Auderfix methods, update report generation
2017-03-28 Benjamin Audercleaning - fix getSimilarDaysIndices ; to finish
2017-03-28 Benjamin Auderfirst tests for Neighbors2 after debug; TODO: some...
2017-03-27 Benjamin Auderwritten my understanding of Neighbors2; TODO: sameSeaso...
2017-03-27 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-27 Benjamin Auderdraft Neighbors2; fix bug in Neighbors1
2017-03-22 Benjamin Auderremove vignettes from pkg
2017-03-22 Benjamin Auderfinal fix: tz=working_tz in as.POSIXlt(...)
2017-03-22 Benjamin AuderFix time acquisition by adding 'tz' arg
2017-03-16 Benjamin AuderR CMD check compliant; TODO: doc, vignette
2017-03-16 Benjamin Audera few adjustments: TODO: bash script to re-reun reports
2017-03-16 Benjamin Auderall by-col except M in F_Neighbors.R
2017-03-16 Benjamin Auderstorage by-rows
2017-03-16 Benjamin Audername instead of year; ipynb generator debugged, with...
2017-03-13 Benjamin Auderrename pkg --> talweg
2017-03-06 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-01 Benjamin Audera few simplifications in computeFilaments, prepare...
2017-02-28 Benjamin Auderlighter vertical line on filaments plot
2017-02-28 Benjamin Auderadd vertical line on FilamentsBox plot
2017-02-28 Benjamin Auderfix plots, fix F_Neighbors on series with NAs
2017-02-28 Benjamin AuderSimplify plots: version OK with R6 classes
2017-02-28 Benjamin Auderalmost finished debug
2017-02-27 Benjamin AuderFix R6 classes
2017-02-27 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-02-27 Benjamin Auderintermediate: R6, too slow
2017-02-26 Benjamin Auderuse R6 class; remove data first and last elements ...
2017-02-25 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-02-24 Benjamin Auderon the way to R6 class + remove truncated days (simplif...
2017-02-23 Benjamin Audervarious fixes (especially in plotFbox and Neighbors...
2017-02-23 Benjamin Audertests presque OK
2017-02-23 Benjamin Auderfix 2 tests out of 3; TODO: test forecasters
2017-02-22 Benjamin Auderall set-up to prepare ultimate test before last reports
2017-02-21 Benjamin Auderadvance on tests
2017-02-21 Benjamin Auderset-up tests
2017-02-21 Benjamin Auderfix plot quantiles
2017-02-21 Benjamin Auderfix plotting; TODO: tests, reports
2017-02-20 Benjamin AuderTODO: tests, reports
2017-02-20 Benjamin AuderTODO: check my plots, re-run reports with relative...
2017-02-20 Benjamin Auderre-ignore doc - fix exogens usage
2017-02-20 Benjamin Auderreorganize folder