descriptionHeuristic for k-medoids classification using MPI
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Parallel clustering with a k-medoids algorithm

Joint work with Jairo Cugliari

This C program runs the k-medoid algorithm on several subsets of one (presumably big) dataset. The computed medoids are then merged iteratively, until we get a final set of k centers.

The folder “communication/” contains latex sources (and generated pdf files) of a short paper submitted to the Journées de Statistique in Rennes, France (2014), and also the slides presented at this event.

The other folder contains all the C code; but not the EDF (french electricity company) datasets, because they are not public. Since the (de)serialization process in code/src/TimeSeries/ is tailored for these data, it is necessary to adapt this small part of the code to use any other custom time-series files.

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