descriptionDistribute R package with nested subfolders in R/
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pkgdev: help to develop R packages

NOTE: (mostly) superseded by devtools

However it was interesting to develop, and could still be used.

Basic usage

#Install and load library
R CMD INSTALL path/to/pkgdev/folder
library(pkgdev) #inside R

#load some package (with its datasets)
pkgpath = "path/to/some/package"
pkgdev.load(pkgpath) #this command also reload package

#test it (if unit tests defined under tests/ subfolders)
pkgdev.rtest(pkgpath) ; pkgdev.ctest(pkgpath)

#you can also run its functions
foo(...) ; bar(...)

#...and so on

#finally, unload package

Try also pkgTest/ testing package.

Warning: old R package format - might require adjustments.

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