2020-02-06 Benjamin Auder'update' master
2020-02-06 Benjamin Audermerge with remote
2018-01-22 Benjamin AuderFirst commit
2017-04-25 Benjamin Auderload-balancing parLapply for WER dists computations
2017-04-24 Benjamin Auderupdate TODO
2017-04-10 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-04-07 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-04-07 Benjamin Auderadd TODO Jairo
2017-04-06 Benjamin Auderrename bib
2017-04-06 Benjamin Auderbiblio
2017-04-06 Benjamin Auderbiblio
2017-03-23 Benjamin Auderadd link to biwevelets file in TODO
2017-03-23 Benjamin Auderupdate TODO after talk with Jairo
2017-03-23 Benjamin Audergitattributes shouldn't be versioned
2017-03-21 Benjamin Auderupdate biblio
2017-03-20 Benjamin Auderadd a few TODOs for plot
2017-03-18 Benjamin Auderfix convert_to_CSV.c
2017-03-17 Benjamin Auderadd some prints in convert_to_CSV.c; almost working...
2017-03-17 Benjamin Auderadvance on data/proprocessing
2017-03-17 Benjamin Auderfix tests: remove 'parll' arg
2017-03-17 Benjamin Auder[cosmetics] Slight improvements in doc
2017-03-17 Benjamin AuderRemove parll arg (redundant with ncores_XX)
2017-03-17 Benjamin Auderdefault values for computeWerDists
2017-03-15 Benjamin Auderfix typo
2017-03-15 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-14 Benjamin Auderwork on CSV preprocessing
2017-03-14 Benjamin AuderBug fixed: package OK
2017-03-14 Benjamin Auderseveral fixes; still some issues db,bin != ascii,csv
2017-03-13 Benjamin Auderimprove/fix comments - TODO: debug examples, CSV and...
2017-03-13 Benjamin Auderdrop enercast submodule; drop Rcpp requirement; fix...
2017-03-13 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-13 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-13 Benjamin Audercode seems OK; still wavelets test to write
2017-03-11 Benjamin Auderadd comments, fix some things. TODO: comment tests...
2017-03-11 Benjamin AuderWith sync_mean to average synchrones: bad idea, will...
2017-03-10 Benjamin Audersave state; test clustering not OK, all others OK
2017-03-10 Benjamin Auderfixes: TODO, debug test.clustering.R and finish writing...
2017-03-10 Benjamin Audersave state: wrong idea for indices repartition
2017-03-10 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-10 Benjamin AuderAdd comments to easily read code
2017-03-10 Benjamin AuderTODO: args, et finir tests; relancer
2017-03-09 Benjamin Auderdraft final form of current package
2017-03-09 Benjamin Auderadd submodule enercast
2017-03-09 Benjamin Audersave intermediate
2017-03-09 Benjamin Auderfix typo, add some TODO
2017-03-09 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-09 Benjamin Auderuse Rcpp; ongoing debug for parallel synchrones computation
2017-03-08 Benjamin AuderWER distances is a regular matrix, fix doc (weird latex...
2017-03-08 Benjamin Auderimprovements
2017-03-08 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-08 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-08 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-08 Benjamin Auderadd some TODOs
2017-03-08 Benjamin Auderparallel version running; TODO: check==sequential,...
2017-03-08 Benjamin Auderforgot to pass parll arg
2017-03-08 Benjamin Auderoption to run sequentially. various fixes. R CMD check OK
2017-03-07 Benjamin Auderignore generated binary files while debugging
2017-03-07 Benjamin AuderFix package, ok for R CMD check - ongoing debug for...
2017-03-06 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-06 Benjamin Auderadd .nbstripout
2017-03-06 Benjamin Auderchange submodules
2017-03-06 Benjamin Auderremove .ppam-mpi submodule
2017-03-06 Benjamin AuderFix unit tests
2017-03-06 Benjamin Auderprepare converter for DB extracts datasets
2017-03-06 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-06 Benjamin Auderpreprocessing
2017-03-06 Benjamin Auderde_serialize works. Variables names improved. Code...
2017-03-05 Benjamin Auderthrow away old code, prepare tests
2017-03-05 Benjamin Audercomplete first draft of package
2017-03-04 Benjamin Auderbefore computeSynchrones
2017-03-04 Benjamin Auderwith parallel::export
2017-03-03 Benjamin Auderexport vars to nodes
2017-03-03 Benjamin Audertoward better ID+coeffs management
2017-03-03 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-03-03 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-02-20 Benjamin Auderrenaming, refactoring
2017-02-20 Benjamin Auderreorganize folder
2017-02-19 Benjamin Auderset final draft for package
2017-02-18 Benjamin Auderfinish simplifications on stage2.R
2017-02-18 Benjamin Audersimplify stage2.R
2017-02-17 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-02-15 Benjamin Auderadd clustering method in biblio
2017-02-08 Benjamin Auderfix stage2.R
2017-01-31 Benjamin Auderavancée sur compréhension de epclust/R/stage2.R
2017-01-31 Benjamin Auderprepared step2.R for first tests (old code, reindented...
2017-01-31 Benjamin Auderupdate code for stage 2 in epclust
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auder'update'
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auderfix comment on initialize.sh
2017-01-30 Benjamin Audersomewhat unroll the code in WER distances computations
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auderadd git-fat-pull to pre-push hook via initialize.sh
2017-01-30 Benjamin Audercomment on initialize.sh
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auderfix initialize script (pre-push hook must be executable)
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auderre-add modules as hidden folders
2017-01-30 Benjamin Audertemporarily remove modules
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auderadd initialize.sh script to be run after cloning
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auderreorganize .gitignore files
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auderdrop potential jupyter usage for R package vignette
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auderadd PDF files through git-fat filters
2017-01-30 Benjamin Auderadd submodules ppam-mpi and git-fat
2017-01-29 Benjamin Auderuse git fat