2021-02-09 Benjamin AuderSome fixes + improvements (Vector) + code reformatting master
2021-02-07 Benjamin AuderAdd basic Set implementation - TODO: add iterators...
2021-02-04 Benjamin Auder[Tree] add_child and add_sibling now return inserted...
2021-02-04 Benjamin AuderVarious small fixes
2021-02-03 Benjamin AuderNow using 2 spaces instead of tabs. Fix copyright years...
2021-02-03 Benjamin AuderImplement HashTable + fix some extra blank spaces,...
2018-01-29 Benjamin Audercosmetics
2018-01-29 Benjamin AuderSimplify installation procedure
2017-12-16 Benjamin AuderFix typo + cosmetics
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2016-07-22 Benjamin Auder'update'
2016-07-22 Benjamin Auderchange README from html to markdown
2015-05-15 Benjamin Auderfix Queue tests issue by returning to List implementation
2015-05-15 Benjamin Auderfixed mistake in test/ ; still vector_pop_fi...
2015-05-15 Benjamin Auderremove FTEST marker in test files
2015-05-15 Benjamin Auderimprove test/, move queu_pop code to vector...
2015-05-15 Benjamin Auderfix problems in Queue.c / Stack.c ; still issues: to...
2015-05-15 Benjamin Auderupdate
2015-02-12 Benjamin Auderremove obsolete TODO
2015-02-05 Benjamin AuderREADME.html
2015-01-31 Benjamin AuderReplace Queue List internal usage by a Vector (lighter)
2015-01-31 Benjamin AuderReplace Stack List internal usage by a Vector (lighter)
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2014-11-24 Benjamin Auderupdated email address in AUTHORS
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